Coming digital city with Wimax

marzo 30, 2009 at 6:48 am Deja un comentario

Cuenta Rik Myslewsky en The Register lo siguiente

“US telecom-services provider Sprint has announced that it will extend its WiMAX-based 4G wireless-broadband service to 10 American cities this year, with five more scheduled for 2010.

Today, Sprint offers 4G service in only one test city: Baltimore, Maryland. Although that service is rated at a peak of 12Mbps, the company readily admits that true download speeds are more average more in the 2-to-4Mbps range – which still beats the pants off most 3G services.

If all goes as planned, the cities to be added during 2009 include:

* Atlanta, Georgia
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* Chicago, Illinois
* Dallas, Texas
* Fort Worth, Texas
* Honolulu, Hawaii
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Portland, Oregon
* Seattle, Washington

The five additional cities scheduled for a 2010 roll-out are:

* Boston, Massachusetts
* Houston, Texas
* New York City, New York
* San Francisco, California
* Washington, D.C.

The 2009 expansion will increase the population covered by Sprint by over 15 times. Add the cities planned for 2010 – which includes the Big Kahuna, New York City – and Sprint’s WiMAX coverage will be available to over 22 million potential customers, an increase of 35 times its current availability.”

Poco a poco nos vamos acercando a la ciudad digital y a la ciudad informacional de la que nos hablaba Castells


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Urbanismo retráctil El pasado activo y la pasión por la historia urbana


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